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Intro to base features
CrossKeeper is an 'all-you-need' tool for online coaching. Create training plans, chat with clients and monitor progress, all is included in CrossKeeper with easy to use web and mobile applications. Check out introduction video to get you up to speed with our tools for coaches.
How To Program Workouts
Create Workout
See how to create single workout for one of your customers. Use our extensible exercise database with videos, add warmup and circuits or text blocks.
Reorder Workout Sections
You can easily change order of exercises while editing workout. Just long press it on mobile or grab section marker with mouse on desktop and drag it whre you need it. Sections will automatically renumber.
Exercise Quick Add
In case we don't have an exercise you need in our db, you can quickly add new one (including YouTube video) while editing workout. You cn later on upload your own videos or photos in Exercises tab
Adding Supersets and Dropsets
You can easily add drop/super sets into the workout using drag and drop or clicking on chain icon. Your client will see all superset exercises on single screen and can supply results when previewing workout.
Workouts Without Date
Sometimes you don't know when your client is going to the gym and you want to just give him a workout base to schedule on his own. You can create workouts without dates. Your client will see them in upcoming trainings and can schedule them himself.
Drag and Drop in Calendar
Need to reschedule workout? Nothing easier, just drag it in client calendar to new date and it will automatically update. Just remember, that completed workouts cannot be modified. You need to "unlock" them first.
Adding Custom Exercises
Whenever you find some exercise we're missing in our database, or want to have your custom videos instead of ours, you can do just that in Exercises tab. Add videos from YouTube or upload from disk, add descriptions and photos and use them later in workouts. All custom exercises you create are only for you to use. No other coach will see them.
Using Workout Templates
Creating Workout Templates
Every coach has some basic workouts that after small modification can be reused for many clients workout plans. In CrossKeeper you can create workout templates that can be applied to individual client workout days.
Using Workout Templates
If you have some reusable trainings inside your templates library, you can easily apply them one by one or in all at once in your client calendar. Afterwards you can drag them over to required dates and publish when ready to be sent to client.
Track Client Progress
Add New Metric To Track
Track client progress with metrics. If you need to track client weight, personal weightlifting records or 500m run times or whatever other value you need, just add him a new metric. He'll see it in his Metrics section and can add values for later analysis.
Client Comments and Results
Your clients can add comments and scores to every workout section. We'll send you push notification whenever they do it.
Workout and Global Client Chat
For every client there are 2 places you can chat and send photos/videos to client. Under every workout there's a chat function that will connect messages sent with given workout for future reference. There's also a globa client chat that includes workout messages and allows for general messaging.
Other Functions
Paswordless Login
Your email address is all we need to log you in CrossKeeper. We'll send you email with magic link or unique PIN number each time you log in on mobile or web.
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